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Become a Vendor

How we Work

We sell products to retailers. Local brands are a huge part of our focus, but not limited to. 
Just this year we will have crossed a threshold of 1,000 retail partners. An exciting advent for us, the brands we sell and the retailers we serve.
If this network is of interest to you, follow these steps to get started.

Please keep in mind the processing time from onboarding to first order placed may take 3-6 months.

Step 1:
Click Here to contact our Marketing department to begin the onboarding process.

Step 2: (This step is optional and will be up to you to incur the cost.)
Send samples of your product along with distributor pricing and tracking information.
We will set up a 30-minute zoom call after we review your product. 
Step 3:
While you're waiting, please request forms to fill out for the zoom call and potential onboarding.

Step 4:
If we agree to partner, please send your general sales one sheet, quality images of your products, and a copy of your W-9 and COI to our Marketing Manager.

Step 5:
We have a vendor agreement and an onboarding fee. When you're ready for these next steps contact
our Marketing Manager.
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