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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find answers to questions that our Vendors and Customers often ask. If you do not see an answer to your question here, please contact us at(828) 687-7791 ext 1.

What is my order day/cut off time/delivery day?

Contact you rep or any of our helpful staff at 828.687.7791 or

Can I get a copy of my invoice before my order arrives?
Yes! Email to request your invoice.


The Sclafani product I ordered has no expiration date, just a code. How do I find out the expiration date?
Please call the Sclafani corporate number for assistance with this issue at 203.838.4441.


What is your order minimum for delivery?
The order minimum is a sliding scale between $250 and $500, and is determined per customer based on location. Customers can meet this minimum by combining grocery and milk (EXCLUDING MILK BOTTLE DEPOSITS). Any order below this minimum will be subject to a $25 under minimum fee. Note: If you are outside of our delivery range, you will be charged for shipping.


Will my order ship if it doesn't reach the minimum due to products being out-of-stock?
Yes, you will not be penalized if we are out of stock. Your order will still ship as long as the total has reached the order minimum with the out-of-stock product(s).


I would like to order milk for my store, but I can not meet the minimum. I'm concerned that if I order too much milk, it will go bad before it's sold. What should I do?
You can add grocery, frozen and beverage or even Health & Wellness to reach that amount as we continue to onboard new brands monthly.  Our PDF Catalog of products is updated regularly, as well as our current price list. Your Sales Rep or any of our Sales and Customer Service Team can assist you in reaching this amount in order to ensure your order reaches the minimum.


I would like to order only Homestead milk, but I can't meet the order minimum. What should I do?
Please keep in mind we can not ship only Homestead Creamery Milk (ice cream excluded), any customer wishing to purchase Homestead must reach the minimum order total for shipping in other lines before adding that. We have several customers that are combining their orders with other nearby retailers and hitting that minimum to avoid the under-min fee.  If this is something that would interest you, contact customer service to see if there would be a combined location to drop your order.

I have a question about delivery charges on my invoice. Who should I contact?

Contact your sales rep or any of our helpful customer service staff at 828.687.7791 or


I'd like to pay online, what is the best option for me?

Contact our helpful customer service staff at 828.687.7791 or

Can my order be shipped via common carrier?
Yes, call the office at 828.687.7791 for freight quotes.

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